“Is that a clip on?”

“Mr. Reid is that a clip on?”

This was one of the first things a student said to me as I started my class with him. Apparently, I had done such a nice job tying my tie this morning that I could pass it off as a manufactured clip on. I’ll take that as a compliment, and I’m sure my Dad would be proud since he was my instructor.

This then evolved into a couple guys saying they didn’t know how to tie a tie, or had never worn one before. It isn’t often that I’m pulled so fully into such tangents, but they had me hook, line and sinker.

So, 20 minutes later, after instructing on my tie tying technique, and practicing it; we ended with this culminating fashion show shot. A couple of students even kept their ties until the end of the day.

Let’s just say we were the classiest Biology class in school today.

It just goes to show that most times, the best things learned in a science class, or any class, are the unplanned ones.

And as they left, I smiled and asked myself… well, you know.


4 responses

  1. Its all about relationships! Your stylish students will likely be more engaged in the unit on photosynthesis having successfully completed their unit on tie tying with an instructor who took the time to acknowledge them on a personal level. Very handsome group!

  2. This is cool, let me tell you about my work. I never wore a tie to work and on one day I decided to wear one and everyone made fun of me for it. Everyone thought I was going on a job interview, I told them that I was just trying to bring some class to the joint. Since then we have started Tie Tuesday and almost everyone is wearing ties on that day. Maybe start a tie day and give bonus points for those that do it.

    • That’s a good idea. I did actually have one of the guys wear ties to school the next day after practicing how to tie it the night before. I’ll let you know how my tie day goes.

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