Earth Day: Students Take Action

Happy Earth Day!

Today marks the 41st Earth Day since its formation in 1970; not to mention the 25th anniversary of my own birth, and I can’t think of a better day to share my birthday with.

Some would say the foundation of Earth Day served as the launching point for the modern evironment movement. Its goals include increasing advocacy, awareness, and changes in human behavior related to climate change, conservation of biodiversity, energy use, and natural resource consumption.

The pilars that Earth Day stands for are all issues I feel strongly about and  emphasize strongly throughout my instruction. So,  maybe it was fate that I have become a Biology teacher. Being born on a day which focuses to increase responsible and sustainable use of Earth’s resources. Maybe its just a happy coincidence, but I like to think the latter. Either way, I’ll take it.

In honor of this important day I have decided to postpone the genetics vocab quiz scheduled for today, hopefully my students don’t mind, and will spending the day both discussing the goals of Earth Day, but also taking action.

We will be using this opportunity to practice what we’ve learn and some have ‘preached’ in their homemade conservation videos from earlier in the year. The main work we will do today is a collaborative effort with all my classes to collect all the bottles, cans, and assorted trash that has accumulated around our school grounds over the past few months, and until recently have been hidden under the snow.

A second project we are working on hopes to increase biodiversity of bird life by creating a variety of types of bird house and feeders to attract more species of birds. This will hopefully lead to a greater variety birds, but also other forms of life in our surrounding ecosystem.

I hope this break from genetics, inheritance and punnett squares will serve to remind students of prior topics, but also instill that they can make a difference in protecting and conserving our environment and no action is too small to help.

Afterall, in a few months I’m sure most of them won’t remember what homozygous means, but hopefully all of them will think twice before throwing trash out a car window.

Sorry Mendel some lessons might just be a bit more important than green wrinkled or yellow round peas….

Happy Earth Day! What will you do today to help make a difference?