Turning Point

As a teacher during the months of July and August it seems all conversations start with, or touch upon, the question: “How’s your summer vacation?” This goes for almost everyone you come in contact: friends, colleagues and even Uncle Elwood at the family reunion.

My response is usually similar and has some go to words just for this conversation:



“Glad to have a break….”

“Chance to recharge my batteries…”

(I apologize to all those I’ve had this conversation with me and recognize my script)

However, having had many of these conversations over the summer and honestly feeling this way I realized the other day I had come to a turning point in my summer.

As I was carrying a box of textbooks (that I was far less productive with this summer than hoped, as usual) I realized as I placed the books in the back of my car that I had suddenly been overcome with a sense of excitement. Carrying those books, putting them in my car to bring to my classroom, thinking about starting a new year with my new groups of sophomores, juniors and seniors. I was excited for it.

It was a simple moment, but a refreshing revelation. I am ready. Ready with my new ideas and plans. Ready with my old materials organized and ready to go. Ready to start the school year.

I wonder; do other teachers experience this same feeling. A point when the batteries are ready for the next year and the excitement starts to builds. I hope so, or why do it.

Have you experienced  your summer turning point yet?