We Are Vermont Strong!

This next post is not on my normal topic of education and teachering; however, it is just as important and close to my heart.

In the wake of the receding flood water caused by Irene’s rain, Vermont is left with a lot of rebuilding. It makes me proud to be a Vermonter to see our communities coming together to support one another. From lend a helping hand, a warm meal, hot showers, and even a bed to sleep in, Vermonters are doing exactly what I would expect them to do having live in this state all my life.

I cannot express my gratitude enough to all of the electric and road crews who are working long hours on hot days to get power and access back to our homes! You are appreciated so much! Thank you so much!

I put together the short video above to show some of the damage around Bridgewater Corners VT, express my gratitude, as well as provide hope. We will rebuild!

We Are Vermont Strong!